Excellent Customer Service

We looked into about a dozen or so companies and decided on Ragtee for the following reasons:

1) we did not have space/resources to stock/staff an in-school store, but we wanted it available 24/7 all year so that parents could order at anytime. Ragtee created an on-line store for us.
2) they are local so that we can pickup large orders (for teachers, teams, etc.) in a quick-delivery time-frame.
3) they offer a large array of quality/name-brand products at reasonable prices.
4) they ship directly to the customers.
5) they helped us design our logos in addition to using one we had.

In addition to the sharp look of our products and school store, both Ron and Renee are fun and easy to work with.
They answer our calls in a timely manner and are always eager to meet with us, provide us display samples, or whatever we need.
I would recommend them highly. We have heard nothing but good things from our parishoners.

Michele Riotto
St. Elizabeth School

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