About Us & The Creative Ragtee Team

Ragtee is a custom design comfort apparel company. We are a family owned company that works closely with our clients. We specialize in creating custom brand designs for your school, business, sports organization or team. Why settle for standard stock designs when you can have your own brand created uniquely for you? Creating a new look and feel that helps unify and showcase your team is our specialty. You’ll receive a professional looking brand like those worn by many colleges and pro teams. We design your custom logos and designs then print the various apparel that best fits your style and market. We’ll then create an online store which allows you to choose the design and style you prefer. Look your best with Ragtee.

Ron Goryl

Owner + Creative Director

Owen + Devon + Ava

Our three children are our inspiration.

Renee Goryl

Owner + Account Director

RAGTEELocated outside Philadelphia, in the suburb of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

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