Please review some frequently asked questions:

Typical turnaround time?
Orders take approximately 10 to 14 business days to fill and many times sooner. For your convenience, orders are shipped directly to your home for a small shipping fee. Orders received after 3:00 pm will be processed the next business day. Any orders received over the weekend hours will be processed on the next business day. Once an order is placed, we order the apparel which we’ll receive in 2-3 days. Then we need a day or two to print and deliver to our customers.

We try to offer quick personalized turnaround instead of the standard 3-4 weeks (or sometimes more) you may get with a lot of sports apparel companies. As far as ordering, if we were to partner with your organization and sell your apparel, we would create screens of your logo or text treatment. We will then be able to print on demand and whenever you need apparel. 

How long is the store open?
The store is open 24/7, and orders may be placed at anytime throughout the year. Players or families can place orders at anytime at their convenience. Especially if we were to create an online store for your league, people could literally order year round.

How do you pay for your order?
Our online store offers the option to pay by PayPal or any major credit cards.

Do you offer multiple colors?
We offer a variety of colors in most of our apparel. Over 30 colors are available for sweatshirts, so we can match most team or school colors.

Can you personalize players name and number on apparel?
Not a problem. You can have names on back with or without numbers. Some like their apparel without numbers in case their numbers change from year to year but many have their favorite numbers. For regular season shirts/sweatshirts, we usually use 1 or 2 color white or black text and numbers. But for league sweatshirt and tournament teams, we can offer the logo and numbers in your organizations colors.

What’s the quality of our sweatshirts and shirts?
We offer a heavyweight sweatshirt to athletes and families. We’ve researched different apparel companies and many offer thinner sweatshirts from 8-9 ounces. We offer a nice heavy sweatshirt that is 11 ounces for extra comfort and warmth.

Our leading seller in shirts is the Moisture Management material shirt. These shirts are very similar to Nike and Under Armour Dri fit materials. A great quality shirt for players and fans that can easily be personalized.

Average cost & price break for bulk apparel ordered?
At Ragtee, we try to offer top quality personalized apparel at a fair and reasonable price. Many of our apparel products are made from higher quality moisture management materials similar to what you will find with brands like Nike and Under Armour.

We normally don’t offer price breaks because each shirt is done custom by hand. However, if you were to place one large order for your league, team or school, we will work with our customers and could offer some type of discount or credit toward other items.

How do I setup an online store for my school, league or team?
At Ragtee, we will create an online e-commerce store for your school or league. We’ve researched various apparel and uniforms and have chosen high quality and modern designs while still maintaining a price point that will appeal to many. The majority of the apparel we offer are top of the line Moisture Management materials used by many top Colleges and High School programs. The apparel can be purchased in Men’s, Women’s & Youth sizes.

We try to provide not only Men’s and Youth styles but also specific styles and cuts for Women and Girls. Most standard shirts, jackets and bottoms are sized for the broadest range of sizes. We provide more feminine cuts for women and girls which many young girls and women appreciate when it comes to style.

Please contact us at anytime at 610.389.1848 or via email at and we will provide in detail the Ragtee process.

How much does it cost to create a store for my organization?
If given the opportunity to produce your apparel, we have many advantages that we can offer. Our company offers the Total Package from Design & Branding where we can create a custom logo and look for your organization, Custom Printing and Production to E-commerce Fulfillment, Packaging, Customer Service and Shipping. We pride ourselves on delivering our apparel quickly and on-time, as well as personal customer service to our clients.

For a minimal startup fee, we will schedule a Meeting, presentation and consultation to discuss Design concepts and logos* (colors/fonts), which would include 3-5 design options. Once logo designs are agreed upon and selected by your organization an Online store will be designed and built which will include multiple products and merchandise.

*logo design pricing is dependent upon the building of an online store. If designs are needed and online store is not agreed upon, design rates are billed on an hourly basis.